We’re Road Trippin’ & A Giveaway

Road Trip
I’m writing this from our hotel room on night one of our 7300km road trip. That’s about 4500 miles! We spent a week down in Charleston and found the perfect place for us. We were supposed to look at about 13 places, but 4 were rented out before we even started. We knew that we would have to act fast, so after looking at 5 places, we decided that the very first place we saw was the one for us. It had just been listed and they had lots of interest, but too bad for everyone else, we snagged it! It doesn’t have that infinity pool I was hoping for, but it’s only steps away from a wine bar and a pet store. Priorities, you know.

Right now we’re on our way back to Manitoba, stopping along the way to visit with friends and family. We’ll be spending about a week in Manitoba to do some more visiting and a bit of work on our house and then we’re off to start our next adventure in Charleston.

I’m also participating in a giveaway right now. Apparently fall is coming, but Charleston doesn’t know that yet. Either way, there’s a new pumpkin spice latte (with real pumpkin) coming our way very soon that apparently tastes a lot like the original pumpkin spice latte (with no real pumpkin). There’s only one way to find out. Or, if you win the giveaway below, there are about 35! Read on for more details.

*Comments are turned off until I stop being an asshole and start responding to them again. Thanks for all the good wishes about our move!


Since Fall is right around the corner, I’ve teamed up with some wonderful ladies to give you a chance to win $175 to Starbucks! Can you already taste that pumpkin spice latte?! You’ll have an unlimited caffeine rush, enter in the Rafflecopter below:


Anchors Aweigh!

Brooke Halifax Anchors Aweigh

It’s finally time for us to come out of retirement and it’s a good thing because we’re running out of money. Apparently, busking our way around the world with me on the pogo stick, Aaron hula hooping, and Koda making balloon animals isn’t a realistic retirement plan.

We stayed pretty close to home last week and explored different parts of Halifax in between blood tests and urine samples. Peeing in a cup is already hard enough, but then I had to pour my sample from the cup into two tiny test tubes. “It’s very simple,” said the doctor. “You’ll be fine,” said the doctor. I don’t believe the doctor has ever tried to do it before. I’m sure everyone always just tells him that it was no problem because that’s better than saying, “Here are my sample tubes. I spilled pee all over them, but don’t worry because I wiped them off with a bit of toilet paper.” Anyway, my results came back good, my blood pressure was described as textbook (totally bragging), and I’m really going to miss this city!

Halifax WaterfrontHalifax View of Georges IslandHalifax Waterfront 1Halifax Harbour ShipHalifax Historical PropertiesHalifax Lower DeckHalifax ChurchHalifax DowntownHalifax City HallHalifax Argyle Street PubsArgyle pedestrian street Halifax

We’re off to Charleston this week to house hunt. I don’t think I’ll be posting while we’re down there, but you can follow along on Instagram (brookemeaganjones) and Snapchat (brookemeaganj). Anchors aweigh!

We’re Retired

Brooke and Aaron selfie

Aaron and I are still waiting for the call about when we’ll be going back to Charleston to house hunt. In the meantime, we are living the life of two retirees. School is out for the summer and since I thought we would be moved by now, I cancelled my voice lessons and quit my dog walking gig weeks ago. Aaron turned down two other positions once he found out he got the job in Charleston, so we really have nothing to do. But that doesn’t mean we’re doing nothing. For example, I’ve watched five seasons of Pretty Little Liars and have perfected the selfie.

Expecto Partronum

Yep, retired life is good. This morning I met the mailman at the door for the third time this week. We might have him over for bridge later. Of course, we might not be around because Aaron and I have mastered the art of day tripping. Earlier this week, we visited Mahone Bay and Lunenburg and just yesterday, we went for a slow drive through the Annapolis Valley.

Lunenberg harbour viewLunenbergLunenberg Colorful BuildingsAvondale Sky Vineyard

We stopped at Avondale Sky Winery to sample some of their wines. Aaron’s the perfect person to visit a winery with because he’s not much of a wine drinker and makes an excellent designated driver. There are also double decker buses that will drive you around to all of the vineyards, so you can drink as much as you want. I’m not sure where they drop you off at the end of day, but after a full day of wine drinking, who cares! Staying here for the night doesn’t seem that baaaaaaaaad.

Sheep Annapolis Valley

Nor does curling up next to this guy.

Vineyard Cat

Anyway, I’m off to move the patio chairs from the back deck to our front steps. Have a great weekend!

Natal Day Weekend

LTown Beach

Thank you for all of the nice comments about our upcoming move to Charleston! We’re hoping to find out this week when we’ll be heading back down there to look for a place. In the meantime, we’re continuing to soak in as much of Halifax and Nova Scotia as possible. On Saturday, we strolled through the Halifax Public Gardens, checked out the International Busker Festival along the waterfront, and took advantage of the free ferry rides in honour of Natal Day weekend. If you were following me on Snapchat (brookemeaganj), you would have been able to experience the elusive Navy submarine in action. If that doesn’t make you want to follow me, I don’t know what will. There’s nothing more convincing than a submarine. Like the watercraft, not the sandwich. Yummmmm….subs.




I had to stop to eat, but I’m back and I’m moving on. Yesterday was all about the beach. It was quite windy, but one of the good things about all of the rocks at Lawrencetown Beach is that they make for great towel weights.

LTown Beach Towels

The water was still a little cold for my liking, so I stayed on the beach with The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte. I actually worked my way through the book about a year ago, but my attempt to achieve my life purpose of winning The Amazing Race Canada and going on to start my own show called Keeping up with Brooke Jones hasn’t quite worked out yet. For those of you who aren’t in Canada, The Amazing Race Canada is airing on TV right now. I’m not on it. All jokes aside, I’m a fan of the book and it’s Koda who has a reality show coming out called Dog: The Bounty Roll Hunter. We’re still working on her cover shot.

Dog The Bounty Roll Hunter KodaLTown Beach Firestarter SessionsLTown Beach Brooke

I also took the opportunity to show off my new skirt.

Brooke LTown Beach

Do you remember when I said I was giving up short flowy skirts and dresses? Well, I wasn’t lying. Those are actually shorts. The skort is back!

LTown Beach Brooke ShortsLTown Aaron

To be honest, I didn’t spend a lot of time reading or showing off my skirt. I spent most of my time thinking I might have to go rescue Aaron in the ocean because he kept waving his arms in the air. Apparently, this is just his “take my picture” pose, but you can understand my confusion.

LTown Beach Aaron in Ocean


Anyway, it hasn’t been all fun and games around here. We’ve been busy putting together all of the paperwork we’ll need to cross the border. Unlike Koda, we need a little more than proof of our rabies vaccinations to get into the country.

Happy Monday!

We’re Moving To…

Rainbow Row Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina! Do you remember when we visited Charleston at the end of May? Well, we weren’t just there for pleasure. OK, I was, but Aaron had a job interview and yep, he got the job! I think a few of you asked about the reason for our travel and I tiptoed around the question like a Barbie doll. It feels so good to tell the whole truth and put my heels back on the ground. Barbie must have calves of steel. We’re still not entirely sure about the timeline, but the next thing on our list is to make a trip back to Charleston to look at house/apartment rentals. We’re hoping to find a place that has all the necessities like an ocean view, clap on and clap off lights, an enameled lava stone countertop, and a waterslide from the master bedroom into the infinity pool. Anyway, you might be wondering what I’m going to be doing down there. I’m not sure yet, but I hear Southern Charm might need a new cast member. Actually, I’ll be continuing with school via correspondence, but being a reality TV star sounded so much more exciting. Aaron and I both returned to school when we moved to Halifax and I still have at least a year left. Aaron’s work permit will be good for three years, so I’ll be focusing on finishing school first and then I’ll go from there. We’re excited for so many reasons, but I’m mainly excited about how great this is going to be for my Instagram. That big pink house below received more likes than any picture I’ve ever posted on Instagram, including Koda’s puppy pictures. Time to dye her fur pink?

In the meantime, Aaron and I are trying to fit in as much of the Maritimes as possible. We’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re not going to make it to all of the places on our list (Newfoundland), but there are lots of amazing places closer to home that we have yet to see. We stroked another one off of our list this week when we visited Burntcoat Head Park on the Bay of Fundy. It’s known for having the world’s highest tides and I believe it. Usually, I haul my big camera along with me and end up using my phone for everything. And now that I have Snapchat, I use my phone for pictures and videos even more. I mean, you can’t spam your Snapchat story with a DSLR. So, I left our good camera behind and regretted it the second we got there. It was way more impressive than I was expecting. We had heard mixed reviews and I can only think that the people who weren’t blown away made the mistake of only visiting at high tide. Rookies!

Burntcoat Head ParkBurntcoat Head Park3Burntcoat Head Park2Burntcoat Head Park5Burntcoat Head Park6Burntcoat Head Park4Burntcoat Head Park7

I also took a little break from alcohol, but with our move to Charleston coming together, there will be deck drinks!

Brooke deck drinks

We’ve Had Enough

Brooke and Koda Lawrencetown BeachBrooke Koda CCBdownloadBrooke and Koda MHTBrooke Koda LTB

What do all of those pictures have in common? Well, lots of things. Koda and I are in every picture, they all look cold, they’re all in Nova Scotia, most of them are by the ocean, and Koda’s outfit never changes. But most importantly, they were all taken last week. Kidding! The only picture from last week is the last one. OK, the first one. I’m being super dramatic today, but while many of you are drowning in your own sweat, I’m still cherishing those quiet moments under the hair dryer. Sure, we’ve had a handful of hot days, but does Mother Nature not remember how much snow we had last winter? She owes us. Apparently, summer is coming back, but it’s too late. We’ve had enough and we’re moving. For real. OK, our move has nothing to do with the lack of summer so far this year. It’s no secret that I really, REALLY love Halifax no matter the weather, but it looks like Aaron, Koda, and I are about to head off on our next adventure. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to a place we’ve come to call home, but we’re very excited for what’s next. As of now, we’re still waiting to hear back about a few things. I’m confident enough to say that we’re moving, but until everything is 100% confirmed, I’m going to hold off on the rest of the details. But just to give you a hint, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about this happening next winter.

Snow Day Halifax

Stay tuned!

P.S. A little bird flew into our window this morning and was very stunned. I wanted to keep it safe from the neighborhood cats, so I put it in a shoebox and brought it inside. Apparently, I made one of the holes in the shoebox too big and once the bird had recovered (almost two hours later), it got out in our bedroom. I was just happy that it was flying again! Catch all of the action on Snapchat (brookemeaganj).