What I Learned from Giving Up Alcohol for 21 Days

What I Learned from Giving Up Alcohol for 21 Days

I guess you already know by the title of this post that I did not go the full 31 days in March without alcohol. I would like to blame it on the snow, but in all reality, I think it’s time for me to accept that I’m a little more Chelsea Handler than I am Blake Lively. I don’t consider the month to be a failure though because there were a lot of great things that came out of my little experiment.


1. The quality of my sleep improved. I woke up every day feeling refreshed and annoyingly ready to take on the day. My mornings typically started with a few air kicks and punches and a “WOOOOOOO!!!” Aaron and Koda would like to move this to the list of cons.

2. My skin and eyes were brighter and clearer. The first change I noticed was in my eyes. I usually wake up with tired eyes, but they felt so clear and I had no bags. I also started noticing a difference in my skin after a few days, which I’m sure is because I was more hydrated than normal.

3. I was more productive. I found myself much more focused during the day. I’m a bit of a daydreamer normally, but I found my thoughts to be very organized. I was also waking up earlier and making the most of those productive morning hours.

4. I started making healthier choices. I was feeling so good that I wanted to make positive changes everywhere in my life. I already lead a pretty healthy lifestyle, but I noticed myself being more conscious of what I was eating, drinking more lemon water than normal, and making time for yoga.

5. Wine became more special. After not drinking wine for awhile, that first sip tasted ever so sweet. I was also able to invest in a nicer bottle of wine since I hadn’t been spending any money on wine in the weeks prior.

6. I saved money. The pros are starting to get a little carried away, so I’m just going to leave it at that.


1. I missed wine. I really enjoy the little ritual that Aaron and I have adopted. We both work until about 10pm and then meet on the couch for a nightcap and an episode of whatever show we’re watching at the time. It’s our thing. I also enjoy having some wine while out socializing with friends and family. I feel like I already lead a healthy lifestyle and wine is sort of my treat. I don’t smoke or do drugs (nor have I ever) and I’ve already cut out meat, most other animal products, and caffeine. I enjoy wine and dessert in moderation and I’m happy with that.

2. My freestyle rap star status took a hit. I actually think I might have been better at improvising, but my delivery was all wrong. Wine gives me flow!

3. I was not able to fall asleep after watching an episode of Luther. I should have known better than to watch Luther without the help of alcohol to put me to sleep and delude me into the belief that I’m badass enough to handle any of those creepy villains. But Idris Elba made me keep watching and I’m still a little upset that he led me astray like that.

In conclusion, I’m not giving up my wine habit, but I am cutting back during the week and saving it more for weekends, special occasions, and creepy television nights. There are many benefits and new habits that I enjoyed during my time without alcohol that I intend to keep, but I think I’ll always enjoy a nice glass of wine. Or a bad one. Heck, I just like wine!

Have you given up anything recently? What’s your vice?


7 Bad Coffee Shop Moments

7 Bad Coffee Shop Moments

Coffee shops are supposed to be happy places. They’ll never take the title for happiest place on earth because that of course belongs to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but they’re still supposed to be up there on the happy scale. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed many good times at coffee shops. In fact, I worked at a coffee shop and spent many a shift reminiscing with my coworkers about the night before when we drank Amarula and attempted to do the splits before heading to the bar for free popcorn. Those were happy times. I was a very part-time worker and I don’t think coffee was my calling, but I was punctual, worked hard, got along with everyone, and did a great job of socializing with the customers. I also quickly learned that if I wore the “Bea’n Trained” apron every day (even months after I started), people took it pretty easy on me. So you see, I actually have a full collection of warm coffee shop memories, but they’re in danger of being overshadowed. Read on to hear about my 7 bad coffee shop moments.

1. That time someone tried to cut in front of us at the Tim Hortons drive-thru, but it didn’t work and we all handled it like adults.

Coffee Shop Drive Thru Drama


2. That time I offered to work the morning shift for the first time and disappointed all of the regulars by not having their coffee waiting for them or being able to read their minds. They didn’t care about my “Bea’n Trained” apron.

Has she died or something


3. That time my friend ordered a chocolate chip muffin, but got a raisin bran muffin instead. When she went up to the counter to correct the order, the worker grabbed the muffin and threw it on the ground!

So I Threw it on the Ground


4. That time I was a nanny and took the girls to the coffee shop to get ice cream. Little Anne had the same dilemma all 5 year olds face: bubble gum or cookie dough. I asked the worker if she could have a half scoop of each and he looked at me coldly and said, “No, she can’t.”

No Ice Cream For You


5. That time I asked for a coffee stopper/plug and the lady working said, “You should have kept your last one instead of being wasteful. We here at Superior Coffee like to do what we can to help the environment.”

You Are a Snob and a Half


6. That time a lady had me make her four different coffee drinks and what I really wanted to say was, “Are you sure you just don’t like coffee?”

Move On With Your Life


7. That time the worker refused to put on a pot of decaf for me because “nobody else drinks that stuff.”

decaffeinato intenso


Do you have any memorable coffee shop moments?


Style History

style history feat

I still haven’t decided how much fashion and personal style I want to include in this space of mine, but a quick style history seems harmless enough. Back in the day, I used to blog almost exclusively about personal style. My, how the times have changed. I do enjoy fashion, but to be honest, my everyday style isn’t that exciting. I like things that are simple, comfortable, and functional, and I wear the same things all the time. When I do need to shop for something, there’s one major question I always ask myself: “Does this item repel or hide dog hair?”

Here is a small collection of my style history from 2011 to 2013. I stopped taking outfit pictures right after we got Koda and I started dressing as if I was always on my way to the dog park.

Brooke Meagan Jones style history6Brooke Meagan Jones style history7Brooke Meagan Jones style history4Brooke Meagan Jones style historyBrooke Meagan Jones style history2Brooke Meagan Jones style history5Brooke Meagan Jones style history3

How has your style changed over the years?

Speaking of fashion, I recently watched Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel and I highly recommend it. What an amazing woman! I guarantee it will inspire you and fill you with joie de vivre.


Do You Want to Melt Some Snowmen?

Frozen parody

It might officially be spring, but it still looks and feels very much like winter here in Nova Scotia. Did you know that some Maritime cities will finish the season having seen almost 500cm of snow? That’s almost as much as Vancouver has seen in the past 20 years. In honor of that little fun fact, I put together a plea to spring.

Did you catch the outtake at the end? I thought it was important to share Koda’s true personality. It’s a good thing she’s cute.

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Taylor Swift – Style (Parody)

Taylor Swift Style (Parody)

Snow Day! Halifax is officially closed thanks to another storm. We’re just living the dream over here! I took some pictures and video this morning that I’ll be posting on Instagram throughout the day. I know it’s supposed to be my month without alcohol, but I could seriously go for some #stormwine right about now! We’re thinking about joining a few other households and placing a white flag in the snowbank that is our front yard. We came armed with shovels, axes, hammers, torches, and saws, but it was not enough. Winter, we surrender!

Anyway, I was planning to post this last week, but Koda was still recovering from a cold, so we decided to push back the recording. Her phlegm still managed to make a few guest appearances since she’s always a little husky (corny joke of the day).  Koda has turned into a bit of a Swiftie and has had “Style” playing on repeat. She was obsessed with the melody from the moment she first heard it, but couldn’t really relate to the lyrics. So, here is my dog singing Taylor Swift in her own style.

Would you like to see more videos?  


Koda Captions #2

Koda Captions #2

It’s time for another Koda Captions! I decided to do a puppy edition this time because I’m always looking for an excuse to go through the baby pictures. Koda has been a sassy little thing since the moment we first saw her. I know that they say to look for the dog that is sleeping or ignoring you because they’ll make calm pets, but does anyone actually do that? The first time I met Koda, she came charging at me and then jumped up and chewed off one of my buttons. It was truly love at first bite.

1. “I’m so excited I could pee! Wait a minute.”

I'm so excited I could pee


2. “What makes you think the stick is too big?”

What makes you think the stick is too big


3. “I’ve been framed.”

I've been framed.


4. “Just give me a chip and this all goes away.”

Just give me a chip and this all goes away

How did you choose your pet or did they choose you?