4 Picture Ideas for the Modern Fashion Blogger

4 Picture Ideas for the Modern Fashion Blogger

Do you see that picture up there? Yeah, that was SO 2012. The “I’m just about to take a sip of my coffee” isn’t cute anymore. Lucky for you, I know what’s hip and happening right now in the style blogging world and the phrase “hip and happening” isn’t one of them. You might be thinking, “But Brooke, you’re not a fashion blogger. Why should we listen to you?” Well, you probably don’t know this about me, but I used to be a fashion blogger way back in the day. The only reason I quit was because I couldn’t handle the fame. I’m really risking my anonymity by doing this post, but that’s something I’m willing to do for you.


1. The Cutie Fruitie

Fruit is in season right now! Don’t buy something you like to eat; buy something that looks good with your outfit. I know what you’re thinking, but those grapefruits are real…and they’re fabulous.

Brooke Meagan Jones - Fashion Blogger Pose Fruit


2. The Statement Piece

Minimalism and capsule wardrobes are huge right now. You’re going to need some fun accessories to keep things interesting. When it comes to statement pieces, the bigger the better. You’re welcome!

Brooke Meagan Jones - Fashion Blogger Statement Necklace


3. The “Just a Regular Day for Me”

Forget about hair elastics, pens, restaurant candies, and bottle openers; no handbag is truly complete until it’s bursting with fresh blossoms. Unfortunately, that can get expensive. My advice is to find a nice family home with some pretty flowers. You’re going to want to monitor their schedule for a week or so. Once they head off to Saturday swimming lessons, you can make your move and put together an arrangement. Next, head over to your local coffee shop and find a cute bicycle to lean on. Quickly take a few pictures while the real owner is grabbing a cold brew coffee. Just another Saturday!

Brooke Meagan Jones - Fashion Blogger Props


4. Potty Poses

Posing for pictures can be awkward and stressful. Fortunately, trying too hard is always out of style. It’s far more fashionable to go with a pose that comes much more naturally to you. What a relief!

Brooke Meagan Jones - Potty Poses

This post is all in good fun. Blogging is an awesome and ridiculous journey. It’s the only reason I’ve ever stood on a chair in really bad DIY cutoffs and a poorly tied headscarf to get an aerial photo of cold food. I regret nothing. Just #keepdoingyou and don’t forget to share it on instagram.

The Topshop Bully

Brooke and Danielle Prom Night

I keep finding reasons to bring up my time as a nanny in England. I think it’s because it’s officially been ten years since I embarked on that adventure as an adorably oblivious 18 (almost 19) year old and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. It’s not that I’m desperately trying to relive the glory days of the past or anything. If that were true, I would tell you about that time I was prom queen, but I’m not even going to mention that glorious night when I received that dazzling crown. And I’m definitely not going to tell you how Regina George destroyed my bouquet of flowers while I was twirling around the dance floor in my sash and red gown. And I’m definitely, DEFINITELY not going to start this post with a completely random picture of my best friend and I on that wondrous night because I am living in the present and it’s pretty awesome. Yep, I think the real reason I’m thinking so much about my time in England is because I’m about to embark on another great adventure that I really want to tell you about, but I can’t just yet. Well, I could, but I’m trying to create a buzz like Beyonce did before she disappointed the entire world with the news that she wasn’t pregnant, just going vegan again. So, since I can’t tell you about my current news, I’m going to share another story from my past.

While I was a nanny in England, I would often head into London on the weekends since it was only a short train ride away. One Saturday, I found myself navigating the museum-sized Topshop at Oxford Circus. I didn’t have a lot of money on me because I had probably already spent most of it on chocolate, but there was one shirt that caught my eye. It was the last one on the rack and it wasn’t my size, but I just had a feeling that the two of us were meant to be together. I picked it up and carried on with my shopping.

Shortly after, a woman came up to me and asked, “Where did you find that shirt?” I told her it was the last one on the rack, but there was a chance that someone had put it back in the wrong place. We found an employee and she confirmed that it was indeed the last one. The woman grabbed the tag of the shirt, gave me the up and down (not in the good way), and asked, “What size are you?” She thought the shirt was much more her size. I told her I was going to try it on anyway, just in case. She suggested I slip it on over my shirt right in front of her. I seriously considered it, but decided that I wasn’t going to give her the opportunity to express any more of her opinions. She wasn’t pleased with my decision and wanted me to go and try it on immediately. But I wasn’t done shopping and the fitting room line was fairly long. I didn’t want to risk having to stand in line twice if I happened to find something else after she allowed me to resume my shopping. So, I took all of maybe 5 minutes to look around the rest of the floor while she impatiently stood by the fitting rooms, watching my every move. The fitting room was like a scene straight out of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In spite of the shirt not being my size, it fit perfectly.

I’m not sure if I believed that shopping was a sport before that day, but I certainly believed it after. I came out of that fitting room clutching the shirt close. I saw her standing there with open arms waiting for the pass, but I knew from experience not to pass to people on the other team. I faked right, faked left, and rushed past her yelling, “I’m going to take it!” I threw the shirt down on the counter by the cash register – Touchdown!

The woman stormed out of the store and then something really twisted happened – I smiled! You see, my behavior throughout this entire story has been completely out of character for me. I’ve always liked to make other people happy and normally, I would have just handed over the shirt or at least felt bad about it if I didn’t. But that day, I didn’t feel bad. I felt proud to have stood my ground in an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes all it takes is one pushy person and a shirt you really want to realize that there’s a difference between doing a good deed for someone and letting them take advantage of you. The truth is, it’s something I’m still working on. Maybe I’ll always be a bit of a pushover, but I’ll also always be a prom queen.

Keep Your Light Bright

Brooke and Dad in Paris

Shortly after I moved to England to be a nanny, my parents came to visit. We did as much exploring as we possibly could and have many great stories from our adventures in both England and France. There is one thing that always stands out from their visit as the greatest adventure of all – my dad making me learn how to drive stick shift.

It was one of those things that I knew I had to do, but I really didn’t want to do it. It was bad enough that I had to drive manual, but I also had to drive on the other side of the road. I had tried driving stick shift one time before my parents arrived and it made me resent being a muggle incapable of apparating. I stalled at a roundabout and couldn’t get going again. I had to get out of the car and switch seats with the person on the passenger side, so that they could get us out of there before the news helicopter arrived overhead to get coverage of the riot. Back then I was young and more timid, so I didn’t make eye contact with anyone and I’m sure my face was bright red. Now, I would probably just get out and take a bow. I suppose everyone has to start somewhere, but I don’t like doing things that I suck at. That’s why you will rarely find me in a bowling alley and never at a freestyle finger snapping competition.

One evening after a great day, my dad said, “Alright Brooke, let’s go.” It was time for a driving lesson and he thought it was a great idea for us to do the drive to school a few times while the the roads weren’t that busy. I turned into that person who forgot their phone at home and said something like, “Well way to go and ruin a great day, DAD!” I walked out to the car the way I imagine a 12 year old boy walks into his little sister’s dance recital. The truth is, it went pretty good and afterwards I felt relieved that driving in England was now a non-issue. Of course, I didn’t say that. So Dad, thanks for sometimes making me do things that I don’t want to do because they’re good for me in the long run. If I ever make it on to Amazing Race Canada, I won’t be one of those people stranded in a manual car in Germany.

A little while after my mom and dad left, I found a note in my Dad’s handwriting tucked into my jewelry box that said, “Keep your light bright Sally.” I’ve kept it for almost ten years now as a little reminder. As for those $20 bills that my mom and dad often hide for me in sneaky places? Yeah, I spent all of those.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!! LYTTMAB xo

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