My Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Travel Capsule Wardrobe (Summer to Early Fall)

As promised, today I’m sharing what I wore for five weeks during our move to Charleston. We were actually only on the road for about three weeks, but once we arrived in Charleston, we had to wait about another 2.5 weeks for our moving truck to arrive with the rest of our belongings.


travel caspule collection

  1. Bella Luxx Pocket Button-Up Tank (Blue)
  2. Bella Luxx Pocket Button-Up Tank (Black & White Print)
  3. Joie Elephant Print Racerback Tank
  4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Zip Back Crepe Tank
  5. Walmart Tank
  6. Club Monaco T-Shirt
  7. Tribal Striped Sweater (Similar)
  8. The North Face Plaid Shirt
  9. Citizens of Humanity Cutoffs (DIY)
  10. Mavi Pixie Boyfriend Shorts
  11. Le Chateau Black Shorts (very old)
  12. Bella Luxx Shirred Cross Front Skirt
  13. Alice + Olivia Clyde Dress
  14. Armani Jeans Fitted Print Dress (Previously seen here)
  15. Darling India Maxi Dress
  16. Paige Skyline Skinny Jeans – Mine are a bit big, so I wear them cuffed and slouchy.
  17. UGG Ayden Sandals
  18. Cole Haan Barra Sandals
  19. Stuart Weitzman Slingo Flats
  20. Cole Haan Moama Heels
  21. Linea Pelle Bag (very old)
  22. Coach Bag

There are a few items missing from the picture since it turns out I’m not very good at photographing white on white.


  • Bella Luxx Pocket Button-Up Tank (White) – Same as #’s 1 and 2 and seen here.
  • Smythe Linen Blazer – Pictured above in the first image of this post.
  • John & Jenn Cardigan – Pictured below in a photo taken at Lawrencetown Beach last October.

Brooke and Koda Lawrencetown Beach Nova Scotia

I also didn’t include my workout clothes even though I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. Not necessarily to the gym, but to the grocery store to appear that I’m always just coming from the gym while I buy my salted caramel chocolate bars with 31% cocoa.

Anyway, I have to say that I really enjoyed having a smaller wardrobe filled with only items that I really love. I cleaned out my closet and donated a lot of items before we left Halifax, but now I want to get rid of even more. Our moving truck arrived last week and I’ve been hesitant to unpack all of my warmer clothes. So far, I’ve only unpacked a handful of my favorite fall pieces and I’ll keep adding things as I need them. I’ve started another donate pile for things that I don’t need or find that I just don’t wear anymore.

As much as I enjoyed my smaller wardrobe, I am happy that our moving truck arrived when it did. I originally planned on going out and taking some pictures of actual outfits from my travel capsule, but you might have heard that Charleston received a bit of rain. A lot of the outfits that I have been wearing just wouldn’t have been practical for a midday snorkel. I spent the majority of those four rainy days in my raincoat and rubber boots, but there was one afternoon where a break in the rain provided the opportunity for me to wear my favorite fall blazer and to take Koda out for a much needed walk. Not to mention, someone had to feed the mosquitoes.

Brooke Hunter Boots Smythe BlazerBrooke Koda walking trail Mount Pleasant Smythe Blazer Hunter BootsBrooke Smythe Blazer Hunter BootsBrooke Smythe Blazer Hunter Boots kodaBrooke and Koda smythe blazer hunter boots


Branching Out

Brooke and Koda Mount Pleasant Memorial Park3

With our fresh start in the South, I’ve decided to branch out a bit when it comes to this blog of mine. Today, that means I’m doing an outfit post. If you’ve been around here long enough, you might remember me mentioning that I used to be a fashion blogger, but I had to quit because I couldn’t handle the fame. I risked my anonymity once before when I posted 4 Picture Ideas for the Modern Fashion Blogger and now I’m risking it again. But what blogger really likes anonymity anyway?

The inspiration behind my return to outfit posts is the fact that I’ve been living out of a suitcase for over 5 weeks. Our move forced me to put together somewhat of a capsule wardrobe and I’ve had to get creative with my outfits so they don’t all look the same. I actually have the Bella Luxx shirt I’m wearing in this post in a few different colors. That might sound excessive, but I love them and I wear them all the time. I tuck them, half-tuck them, untuck them, tie them, and turn them inside out so I can wear them a few more days before I have to wash them (at least I’ve thought about it). My shorts are hand-me-down capris that were an awkward length, so I cut them into shorts. I used to always cuff them, but lately I’ve preferred to wear them at their longer length. Maybe it’s because it’s officially fall or maybe it’s because I accidentally put them in the dryer. I’m planning a post all about my travel capsule wardrobe, so stay tuned. Anyway, on to the photo shoot!

It had been a while since I’d taken outfit pictures in the wild so it felt a bit…what’s the word I’m looking for…awkward! I decided to start off by casually looking off into the distance to see if anyone was coming.

Brooke and Koda Mount Pleasant Memorial Park2

Once I’d determined that the coast was clear and nobody cared what we were doing anyway, I turned to Koda and said, “OK girl, let’s work!”

Brooke and Koda Mount Pleasant Memorial Park1


Brooke and Koda Mount Pleasant Park4Brooke and Koda Mount Pleasant Memorial Park5

After a promising start, Koda reverted back to her diva ways and had to be removed from the set.

Brooke Mount Pleasant Memorial ParkBrooke Mount Pleasant Memorial Park1Brooke and Koda Mount Pleasant Memorial Park6

I carried on by myself for a while, but it wasn’t long before Koda charged back on set in a desperate attempt to steal the spotlight with a booty tooch. Tyra would be proud.


Pictures were taken at Mount Pleasant Pier and Memorial Park under the Ravenal Bridge

Cypress Gardens and Aaron’s 28th Birthday

Canoe ride Cypress Gardens

Before we moved to Charleston, I had nightmares about alligators. My favorite one was when I was walking down a gravel road and alligators of all sizes started coming up out of the ditches. At first I wasn’t alarmed because I had been told that they wouldn’t bother me. Wrong! They started chasing me, but fortunately a bathroom appeared out of nowhere and I ran inside and into one of the stalls. But those alligators were persistent. I woke up when they started coming in under my stall door and surrounded me as I stood on top of the toilet with nowhere else to go. So, I surprised myself by suggesting that we head out to Cypress Gardens on one of our first days in town. It’s a paradise for nature lovers and known as a place where you can enjoy the local wildlife. If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s also where they filmed that famous boat scene in The Notebook. After paying our $10 admission fee (it’s well worth it), we were greeted by a worker who told us he’d been there since he retired from the rodeo circuit ten years ago. We didn’t get his name, so I’m just going to call him Cowboy. He was incredibly friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I really think he needs his own show. He suggested we go for a boat tour, but we decided to start off where we felt more comfortable – on land! We explored the butterfly house and read a bit about the history of the place before starting off on the walking trail. It was a beautiful walk that took us along the swamp gardens, the original dikes from the rice growing era, and past Kittredge Gravesite. By the time we got back, we were mentally ready for the boat ride. You can pay to have a guided tour, but we opted to paddle ourselves for no additional charge. Cowboy quickly set us up with a boat and there I was, stepping into a canoe and pushing away from the dock even after hearing that there was an 18 foot alligator somewhere around back. That’s getting a little too Lake Placid for my liking!  We followed the marked path that winds you between the lily pads and under two walking bridges. It was such a beautiful and serene experience. The entire boat ride took us about 30 to 40 minutes and we couldn’t help but stop a few times to take in the view of the cypress trees reflecting off the black water and of course, the alligators. We had a lot more luck spotting alligators from the water and I enjoyed every second of it. The boat ride was by far the highlight of our visit and something I highly recommend if you’re in the area.

Brooke and Aaron Cypress GardensCanoes Cypress GardensBrooke canoe Cypress GardensAlligator Cypress GardensAaron canoe Cypress GardensCanoeing under the bridge Cypress GardensCypress Gardens nature shotsWalking Bridge Cypress GardensLily Pads Cyrpess GardensBrooke Hiking Path Cypress GardensCypress Gardens

After our visit to Cypress Gardens, we thought it was only fair to give the city a chance to shine. So, last Saturday we parked downtown and zigzagged through the streets by foot, soaking in some sun, history, and amazing architecture. When my sunscreen started to melt off my forehead and settle on my upper lip, we decided it was time to stop in somewhere for a cold drink. Aaron was craving a Paralyzer and our server had no idea what he was talking about. It turns out that the good ol’ Paralyzer is actually called a Colorado Bulldog down here. We still haven’t found anything quite like the Canadian Caesar. Aaron doesn’t even like them, but I have a feeling he’s going to keep asking for them anyway. Later, we came back downtown to celebrate Aaron’s birthday on The Rooftop at the Vendue. It was our second visit and we enjoyed it as much as the first. The top level of the rooftop was really busy (as usual), so this time, we decided to stay on the lower rooftop deck. There aren’t many tables on the top floor anyway and we needed room for all of our food! Sunday was Aaron’s actual birthday and it was all about the beach. We headed out to Isle of Palms and after a quick tutorial on how to get our shiny new beach umbrella to stay in the sand, we were all set for a day in (and out) of the sun. I think I’m going to fit in just fine here in Charleston.

Brooke in CharlestonYellow House CharlestonTree and Old Brick Charleston ArchitectureShutter and Flower Baskets CharlestonCharleston Homes ArchitectureCharleston IronworkColorful Houses Cyclists CharlestonCharleston DowntownSullivan's Island houseBrooke and Koda Isle of Palms Aaron's Birthday CharlestonAaron's 28th Charleston

Our delivery from IKEA arrived yesterday, so I have a lot of work to do. I can’t wait to share the final result once it’s all together and our stuff from Canada arrives. For now, at least we’ll be able to get our air mattress up off of the floor and I can put my glass of water on my new bedside table so Koda will stop drinking it at night. It’s not that she doesn’t have access to her water bowl; she just prefers a glass.

We Made It

First Pic in US

The last time I posted here was almost a month ago on night one of our 8,000 km (5,000 mile) trek to Charleston, SC that took us through 15 provinces and states. We didn’t exactly take the most direct route, but it was a necessary one in order to have one last visit with friends and family and do a little work on our house before starting our new adventure in the South. We enjoyed every stop along the way, but like all good road trips, there were a few things we could have done without. There’s always one moment that stands out. Last time it was the drug paraphernalia that Koda found under a motel bed and this time it was a hug from a stranger (sort of) after a long day. It started like any hotel shower. I turned on the water, pulled the knob to ignite the shower head, and then carefully stepped in at the back of the tub. I quickly waved my hands under the laser jet of water in front of me to check the temperature. Satisfied, I stepped into the line of fire and washed a full day of car, coffee, and Doritos down the drain. This is when everything went south. I pulled back the curtain and waited for the wall of steam to retreat only to find that it was one of those hotels that keeps the clean towels outside of the bathroom. Thankfully, Aaron had showered earlier and I spotted his towel hanging off the hook on the back of the door. I dried off, wrapped myself in the towel, and bravely stepped back into the world of air conditioning. I told Aaron it was a good thing that he left his towel on the back of the door. And then he pointed at a towel draped over a chair and said, “The only towel I’ve used is right over there.” Yep, I used a total stranger’s towel that hadn’t been removed from the bathroom. After that night, we decided that we did have a little more money in our hotel budget after all.

Brooke hotelBrooke and Koda road trippingKoda dreaming of CharlestonAshevilleBrooke and Aaron Manitoba

We arrived in Charleston almost two weeks ago and we’ve been busy doing the necessities like getting car insurance, attempting to register our car, getting cable and internet (yay cable!), switching bills over to our names, studying college football, and getting new phone numbers. It’s pretty clear that the person who used to have my phone number got rid of it because of the hourly phone calls from telemarketers and collection agencies. They can’t be that bad though because someone tried to use them as a personal reference. Then again, they also left me with a subscription for daily text messages from the Lord. And I’m not talking about my boy Voldemort. Apparently there’s a fee to cancel the subscription, but lucky for me, the Lord texted yesterday to say, “Lift your hands and prepare to receive a fresh downpour of my rain!” I’m hoping for dollar bills, but I’m guessing the Lord just has a weather app. Aaron’s new phone number is no slouch either. Just yesterday he received a picture message from Dwayne. Poor Dwayne. Apparently the picture was the first text he sent, but it didn’t come through until well after everyone had established that he had the wrong number. Looking good Dwayne, but you are still not Aaron’s type and Aaron is still not Heather. We’ve all been there.

Anyway, our belongings from Halifax are still in a moving truck somewhere, so all we have is what we packed in the car, four thirdhand bar stools, two plastic patio chairs, and an air mattress. I’m still totally sane.

Brooke making the bed

It’s not like we need a lot of stuff right now anyway because I have a gym membership to a place where there are TVs with HGTV, E!, and Bravo on every treadmill. But mainly, we don’t need a fully furnished place right now because we have so much of Charleston to explore. I’ll be back tomorrow with some of the highlights so far.

We’re Road Trippin’ & A Giveaway

Road Trip
I’m writing this from our hotel room on night one of our 7300km road trip. That’s about 4500 miles! We spent a week down in Charleston and found the perfect place for us. We were supposed to look at about 13 places, but 4 were rented out before we even started. We knew that we would have to act fast, so after looking at 5 places, we decided that the very first place we saw was the one for us. It had just been listed and they had lots of interest, but too bad for everyone else, we snagged it! It doesn’t have that infinity pool I was hoping for, but it’s only steps away from a wine bar and a pet store. Priorities, you know.

Right now we’re on our way back to Manitoba, stopping along the way to visit with friends and family. We’ll be spending about a week in Manitoba to do some more visiting and a bit of work on our house and then we’re off to start our next adventure in Charleston.

I’m also participating in a giveaway right now. Apparently fall is coming, but Charleston doesn’t know that yet. Either way, there’s a new pumpkin spice latte (with real pumpkin) coming our way very soon that apparently tastes a lot like the original pumpkin spice latte (with no real pumpkin). There’s only one way to find out. Or, if you win the giveaway below, there are about 35! Read on for more details.

*Comments are turned off until I stop being an asshole and start responding to them again. Thanks for all the good wishes about our move!


Since Fall is right around the corner, I’ve teamed up with some wonderful ladies to give you a chance to win $175 to Starbucks! Can you already taste that pumpkin spice latte?! You’ll have an unlimited caffeine rush, enter in the Rafflecopter below:


Anchors Aweigh!

Brooke Halifax Anchors Aweigh

It’s finally time for us to come out of retirement and it’s a good thing because we’re running out of money. Apparently, busking our way around the world with me on the pogo stick, Aaron hula hooping, and Koda making balloon animals isn’t a realistic retirement plan.

We stayed pretty close to home last week and explored different parts of Halifax in between blood tests and urine samples. Peeing in a cup is already hard enough, but then I had to pour my sample from the cup into two tiny test tubes. “It’s very simple,” said the doctor. “You’ll be fine,” said the doctor. I don’t believe the doctor has ever tried to do it before. I’m sure everyone always just tells him that it was no problem because that’s better than saying, “Here are my sample tubes. I spilled pee all over them, but don’t worry because I wiped them off with a bit of toilet paper.” Anyway, my results came back good, my blood pressure was described as textbook (totally bragging), and I’m really going to miss this city!

Halifax WaterfrontHalifax View of Georges IslandHalifax Waterfront 1Halifax Harbour ShipHalifax Historical PropertiesHalifax Lower DeckHalifax ChurchHalifax DowntownHalifax City HallHalifax Argyle Street PubsArgyle pedestrian street Halifax

We’re off to Charleston this week to house hunt. I don’t think I’ll be posting while we’re down there, but you can follow along on Instagram (brookemeaganjones) and Snapchat (brookemeaganj). Anchors aweigh!