The Sweater That Kept On Giving

Brooke BB Dakota

I tend to go through phases where I fall in love with something and wear it all the time. Unfortunately, that means I spent one summer in spandex shorts and army boots. It wasn’t cute, but lucky for me, I don’t believe there’s any photo evidence. Clearly, nobody wanted that look to live forever.

I had my own little version of Black Friday over Canadian Thanksgiving and didn’t even have to pull out the first aid kit or spend a dime. Aaron’s mom had cleaned out her closet prior to us arriving and had lots of clothes for me to go through (not complaining!). This cardigan was an instant favorite and I’ve been living in it ever since. I put it on right away for Thanksgiving pictures and wore this exact outfit in an earlier post. It’s been brought to my attention that it could make a good Christmas sweater, which only proves that it’s truly the sweater that keeps on giving. Also, it’s a shame these are out of stock!

Brooke BB Dakota1
Brooke & Aaron Thanksgiving1
Brooke & Koda swingsweater – Jack by BB Dakota (similar), jeans- Citizens of Humanity, boots- Roots

7 Times I Was Really Glad To Have My Girlfriends

The girls 2004

My arm doesn’t actually look like that and Danielle is holding car keys, not some creepy homemade pocket knife.

Two of my very best girlfriends are celebrating their birthdays today! Yes, two of my leading ladies have the same birthday. Apparently I have a thing for Sagittarius girls (my mom is one too!). I’ve been friends with Danielle (purple-blue shirt) for more than 20 years and Jessica (pink shirt) for more than 15 years. That’s a pretty significant portion of my life!  I could get all mushy-gushy, but instead I’m going to quote our girl Kelly Clarkson and say to you fine ladies, “My life would suck without you.”


1. That time we had to play a flute duet at our high school Christmas concert. – And we nailed it!

2. In high school geography class so that I wasn’t the only one who giggled every time we had to explain whether a rock had perfect, imperfect, poor, or non-existent cleavage.

3. When we played Dream Phone for hours, hoping that Steve would answer and say, “You’re right! I really like you!” – Steve was the best. It’s a fact!

4. That time we made up a dance routine to “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child and performed it for the class. – I could have looked real stupid doing that by myself.

5. Every time I’ve needed to talk about Harry Potter or Blue Crush to someone who gets it.

6. That time we shared a moment with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie beside the Eiffel Tower. – Nobody would believe me otherwise! That happened, right?

7. On Grey’s Anatomy TV nights when we would alternate giving each other back massages during commercial breaks. – I miss that. Let’s do that next time we hang out.

When have you been really glad to have your girlfriends by your side?

Weekly Gathering #1

A random collection of random things from the past week.


Bad Yogi Erin MotzThere are many things in life that can wait until the last minute, but a beach bod ain’t one! It doesn’t help that ’tis the season to indulge and I have a serious weakness for eggnog. Fortunately, I have excellent trainers. Koda is strict about walking me twice a day and then there’s my favorite yoga instructor, Erin Motz. I participated in her original 30 Day Yoga Challenge and have been hooked ever since. I have also completed her 10 Day Ab Challenge and am currently working my way through her 4-Week Yoga Challenge. I definitely recommend checking her out!


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Our dog doesn’t like skateboards. They’re fast and they’re noisy and we’re working on it. Anyway, on Friday a skateboarder gave Koda the finger and I was like anigif_enhanced-buzz-4786-1355518306-2

Speaking of Koda, I can’t stop talking about how much she can’t stop talking.


The Original Squatty Potty


Apparently the Squatty Potty is nothing new, but it is something new to me. I saw it on Shark Tank last week and just had to share. I find it both hilarious and oddly intriguing. I did a little research and it turns out that people LOVE their Squatty Pottys. Take a look at this review! Now if only we were doing a Secret Santa gift exchange this year!

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