6 Years Later

Aaron & Brooke LTownYou know how when you first start dating every month is a big deal and then 6 months is a HUGE deal? Well, Aaron and I were no different. For our 6 month anniversary we booked a cabin in the woods and headed out on a romantic weekend getaway. We made each other presents (I still have them!), prepared dinner together, drank wine, played cards, watched cheesy movies, and cuddled around the fire. We were so cute.

Well, Sunday marked exactly 6 years since that romantic semiversary. When we realized this, Aaron came in for a kiss, but stopped abruptly. When I asked him what was wrong he said, “Sorry. I just burped and had little bit of vomit come up into my mouth.”

And that is 6.5 years of dating for you!

6 years later1

Who’s a good girl? I am.

Brooke & Koda

I’m very fortunate to have a dog who walks me twice a day. That’s supposed to be a joke, but who am I kidding? Koda’s in charge, and she knows it. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. One day she was sleeping on the floor and the next she was on the foot of the bed. Now Aaron and I wake up on top of each other only to find Koda stretched out next to us with her head on my pillow. We know that we should push her off the bed, but she just looks so cute. So, we squeeze even more uncomfortably close together and let her sleep like a boss.

In the morning, she wakes us up with her chatter, signalling that she’s ready to take us for a walk. She hoots and hollers at us until we’re out the door. Yes, the girl screams! I have proof. Once we’re home from the walk she shows me some affection. I’ve been a good girl. This tender moment is always short-lived as Koda is ready to eat. We head to the kitchen to begin the negotiations. I start off with a very reasonable offer, which is actually the most expensive food at Pet Valu (just in case Koda was wondering). This is never good enough because Koda’s palate is much more refined. Some days all it takes is a little olive oil or a handful of shredded mozzarella. On other days, she remembers that there is leftover chicken from Aaron’s meal the night before and won’t settle for anything less. She’s very good at what she does. In the end, it’s all worth it because after mealtimes, I get a little more affection. I’ve been a good girl.

Aaron and I often laugh about these things. I’m pretty sure Koda doesn’t think we look cute when we’re sleeping (or ever, really) and I know she would never save the last bite of pizza for us. Yet she has us wrapped around her little paw. It’s Koda’s world and we are very lucky to be a part of it. Plus, she takes us on very pretty walks twice a day.

walk with koda
walks with koda1
brooke koda leaves2

Our First Camping Trip

Brooke & Koda L-TownAaron and I have had a troubled affair with camping since the beginning of our relationship. We went camping together for the first time about six years ago, when we had only been dating for a few months. We had both been bragging about our camping expertise and were eager to prove ourselves. I have to admit that most of the pressure was on Aaron. He was on a mission to start the best fire ever, or, in other words, achieve ultimate man status.

Atlantic View Trail1Wild Flowers AVTAfter arriving and picking out our campsite, it was time to set up our tent.  What might have looked like teamwork, was strictly competition. We each rushed to put our poles together and get them into place first as if to say, I know what I’m doing! Now it was time for Aaron to start the best fire ever. Little did we know that it had rained the night before and all of the wood was wet. Seeing that Aaron was struggling, I excused myself to the restroom to give him a little more time. On my way back, there was no sign of a fire at our campsite, but there was something that resembled the Smoke Monster looming over Aaron. I decided to circle around the bay three more times to be safe. When I arrived back, I found Aaron sitting on a chair with a beer. There would be no fire. It was time to drink.

L-Town BeachL-Town SurfersAaron & Koda L-TownFortunately (or maybe unfortunately), there was no shortage of alcohol. So, when our lanterns died, it was no big deal; we still had a little bit of light from the stove. And when we ran out of propane, it was no big deal; we could still turn on the headlights. But once our car battery died, it was time to call it a night. We decided that it was too dark and we were too drunk to clean up, so off to bed we went. Blame it on the alcohol.

Within five minutes of going to bed, we heard some rustling in the bushes. Then we could hear something walking right outside of our tent. Before we knew it, our campsite had turned into a full-blown battlefield. There was growling, snorting and other crazy sounds that I can only make and not describe. Since we’re only human, we immediately came to the conclusion that we were surrounded by huge bears who would come for us after they were done with the steak packaging and granola bars. We sat there frozen, pondering which one of us could outrun the other. Fortunately, it never came to that. After eating every last one of my Fiber One bars, the huge bears moved on.

Porters Lake TreeWe crawled out of our tent in the morning to find our campsite completely trashed. Those huge bears knew how to party. We quickly cleaned up, packed up, got a boost for our car and headed out. The lady at the office laughed at us and told us there were no bears in the park, only raccoons. And sure, they probably were raccoons – albeit mutant raccoons. But the next summer as we were driving through the area, there it was, making its way through the field and disappearing into the very woods where we had camped – a huge bear!

Brooke L-Town1Brooke L-TownOver the years, we’ve had many great camping trips (like our most recent one to Porters Lake pictured in this post) and a few not-so-good camping trips (like that time I got a urinary tract infection – not pictured). Aaron has started many of the best campfires ever and we’ve agreed that we’re equally as good at setting up a tent (up for debate). We’ve learned to always put our food away before we get too drunk, and instead of worrying about wild animals showing up uninvited, we now bring one with us.

Koda Porters Lake
best fire ever

Pictures taken at Porters Lake Provincial Park and Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia